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Welcome to Alaska Works! This website is dedicated to bringing you free quality PC games and free game creation resources, specifically for GameMaker, as well as classic gaming resources, downloads, information, walkthroughs, secrets, tips and tricks, and finally, free aircraft models for the X-Plane 10 flight simulation software.

Alaska Works Aviation

Visit Alaska Works Aviation for quality freeware aircraft downloads for Laminar Research's X-Plane flight simulation software. Currently offered are free X-Plane 10 airplanes for download.

The Game Galleria

Visit The Game Galleria for classic gaming resources, downloads, information, walkthroughs, secrets, tips and tricks, and more! Featuring LEGO Racers 1 and 2, LEGO Rock Raiders, and F/A-18 Precision Strike Fighter.


This area will always list news and important information!


12/24/2013--Merry Christmas! I've uploaded two new "Adventures of Bill" LEGO comics, featuring a LEGO Rock Raiders crossover/tie-in!


8/5/2012--Additional Lego Racers 1 Time Trial records were set/broken. See them at The Game Galleria!


7/14/2012--New Time Trial Records were set/broken in Lego Racers 1. Check it out at The Game Galleria!


5/11/12--Visit Alaska Works Aviation for free X-Plane 10 downloads, airplanes, and more!


7/9/11--Added a new comic!


5/10/11--Visit The Game Galleria, with awesome resources, downloads, guides, and secrets to your favorite classic older games!


9/24/10--I've added a Comics section to the website! View exciting "Adventures of Bill" Comics, which blend the world of Star Wars with LEGOs!


5/30/10--I undertook a complete overhaul of the website to clean it up.


5/29/10--I've purchased Game Maker 8.0. New developments may be forthcoming...


8/17/08--I'm still here. I'm comtemplating an NCAA Football extension to my website. We'll see.


8/2/07--I'm still alive. Just nothing to report.


5/13/07--Design updates. Links updates.


2/23/07--Keep your eyes peeled for Antarctic Theather updates...


2/25/06--SAJ 5 has been released and the website remodeled.


12/1/05--Prepare for release of Secret Agent Joe 5!!!!


3/24/04--Remodeling of website was completed and uploaded to the Internet.



Last Update

12/24/13--Added 2 new "Adventures of Bill" comics.

8/5/12--Updated more Time Trial Records in "The Game Galleria."

7/14/12--Updated Time Trial Records in "The Game Galleria."

5/11/12--Added a new section, "Alaska Works Aviation."

7/9/11--Added "Sparks on the Run" - Adventures of Bill Comic

6/16/11--Added "Air Bud: Golden Receiver" Football Statistical Breakdown

5/10/11--Added "The Game Galleria" and cleaned up the site.

4/29/11--Design update.

9/24/10--Added "Adventures of Bill" comics, history info, and misc. cleanup.

6/1/10--Added new resources.

5/30/10--Comprehensive clean up.

5/29/10--Design update!

5/13/07--Design updates. Links updates.

4/16/06--Added links to some pages.

3/10/06--Antarctic Theatre added!

2/25/06--Modified website design.

12/8/05--Posted SAJ 5!

12/1/05--Posted SAJ 5 info!

3/24/04--Changed website design and fixed bugs.


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